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Saturday, 8 July 2017


Hey Guys!

For the longest time God had been placing a vision on my heart about the purpose behind me blogging, how it should expand, and the direction I should go in next.

While my blog was initially aimed at women, it has become increasingly apparent that God isn't just using me to touch women, and certain elements of what I share aim but men too. There is a new season approaching and I believe that God is trying to use me sharing my story through my personal experiences, my talents and overcoming setbacks and downfalls, to take me to new and bigger heights and reach a larger audience of people.

As a result, the vision God has given me and the direction I am being led in now goes beyond the name 'For Daddy's Girls'. The Father-daughter relationship remains a subject very dear to my heart and a huge part of why I initially started blogging so it will still be incorporated in some of my future posts in some way.

Accepting this vision means that its time for a REBRAND- therefore I will relaunching my blog into a website under a new, more personalised name!  This new platform will be a place where I not only share my highs, but also my lows and the steps I am taking to overcome them. It will be a place for me to share and explore my gifts more and use my experiences to encourage and inspire others through photos, sharing friends achievements and testimonies, and who knows, maybe even videos!
I don't just want to give generic or cliche advice without sharing how to actually implement these things into your life, so I want to keep things real, practical and personal so we can make actual daily changes to our lives for the better.

Taking this step will force me to have to search myself and make lifestyle choices that will lead me to become a better woman. Even in these early stages I can see that it won't always be easy or comfortable. But, I am ready for the challenge and eager to see myself being moulded more and more into the woman God intended me to be.

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Tuesday, 11 October 2016


Hey Guys!

Hope you have all had a lovely summer break..I know I have! 

Over the summer I was blessed with an incredible opportunity to travel to The United States of America, to carry out Music and Missionary Work in Atlanta, Georgia and Orlando, Florida! 
To say that I had an amazing time would be an understatement, so I figured why not share snippets of some of the things I got up to!.. 

In August 2015 whilst home from university for the summer, I had started to think about what I would like do during summer 2016. It's hard to explain, but the more I thought about it, the more I started to have a really strong feeling that I was going to be in The United States. Weeks went by and I continued to have that same feeling, but what made it strange was that I felt like I wouldn't just be going there for a holiday. I didn't know why or how, but I knew that I was going to be going for a bigger purpose. Even when friends would ask if I had plans for the summer after graduation I had already started saying I was going, even though I did not have any definite plan yet, because I was so adamant that I was destined to go (I know some of them probably thought I was a little crazy lol)..

Fast forward to June 2016 as my university graduation was approaching, I started having that feeling again and even had a dream about going, but I couldn't understand why it was weighing on me. I wanted to know if it was solely a personal desire or if this was a sign for real, so I really started to pray about it and asked God to make a way if it was His will for me to go...

Exactly one week before my graduation day, during a conversation with my friend Ricky on a completely separate topic, I found myself being presented with an opportunity to go to the USA in August to do two things I love: music and ministry! To say I was shocked would be an understatement! I kept asking him if he was being serious because secretly, I was blown away by the fact that a vision I had had a year ago was actually coming to pass, and he had absolutely no idea about it!
From my graduation day, I had about a month to prepare for my trip, which consisted of music rehearsals with the team, getting the low down on the culture and climate differences, the type of missionary work we would be carrying out, and of course a little shopping for the hot weather! 

August 17th came around way faster than I had imagined, and I remember as I made my way to the airport I was felt so happy and so grateful.
Having known each other for years, as each of the 22 members of our Mission To Mend team began to arrive, you could feel the excitement among us continue to grow and the laughter was infectious!
Our flight ended up being slightly delayed which meant we had time to have some lunch, listen to music and have some fun as we watched some of the other flights take off.
One thing I wont forget is the feeling I had during our take off. As the plane left the ground, I feel like thats when it really hit me, and I actually grasped just how much of a testimony this adventure was. I literally remembering having the most cheesy grin plastered across my face as I looked out the window and reflected on the crazy amount of struggles I had overcome in the months leading up to this day (check out my previous blog post). Everything I had been through leading up to that day just made the moment of take off feel even more awesome. It really confirmed the power of trusting in Gods plan and not allowing your happenings to destroy your happiness.

 As you can probably tell, I did not sleep for the entire 8.5 hour flight lol

It goes without saying that I love hot climates over cold climates any day, but I don't think I was prepared for the 38°C heat to slap me right in the face as we left the airport! Arriving to a hotel with a gym, pool, breakfast and sunshine, as well as reuniting with my friend Warren whose currently studying stateside, it was safe to say I already knew this was about to be a blast! 

One thing I really loved, was that after having breakfast together, we would have Morning Devotion starting with worship and a short word shared by a member of the team. Doing this helped to ensure that we all shared the same mindset as we entered into the tasks for the day. It always reaffirmed that even though we were away from home and in 40+ degree weather, we had a purpose for why we were there. 
When I found out that part of our missionary work would involve working with children, I was ecstatic! Anyone that knows me well will tell you that I really love and have a heart for children, and having had previous experience working with both primary and secondary school children, I knew I was going to love it! Plus, who can resist their adorable little accents! 

Part of our experience was working with 
City of Refuge in 'one of Atlanta’s most impoverished and crime-ridden neighbourhoods, where nearly 40% of the residents live below the Federal Poverty Level'. During our induction, we were fortunate to have met a previous resident at City of Refuge who has returned to help others, and her story alone really made us all realise how much our attitudes, our love and our efforts could really make a bigger difference in their lives than we may even realise. 
One of our tasks involved being part of an after school program where we were rotated in teams working with different age groups ranging from 3-13. We had a wide range of tasks to participate in including having after school snacks and reflection time, helping them with their homework, assigning and assisting them with worksheets, supporting them during extracurricular activities such as sports games and dance classes, running Friday movie nights and having one on one time with some of them to really get to know them and encourage them.

For obvious security reasons, I cannot disclose any of the names or specific details regarding the children I worked with, but what I will say is that 
the experience I had is something I definitely will never forget. Hearing some of the stories of the types of environments and experiences some of these children had come from and been exposed to, (some of which I could personally relate to) I was literally flawed. 

Seeing how much they warmed to me on the very first day, made me super determined to be a positive example of affirmation, support and joy for them. I can still remember all their individual personalities, stories and smiles and I still pray for them knowing and believing that God is going to lead them all to amazing futures!


It goes without saying that the USA is home to some of the greatest gospel talents in the entire world, so you can imagine how excited (and nervous) we were to be in environments that would both teach and inspire us!

I always say that music is the only universal language so it has the power to bring people together from all over the world, so I was looking forward to listening and learning new songs from our new friends in The States and joining in with all the local festivities.

For our own performances, we had planned a setlist of songs to deliver to each audience we encountered and as we were from the other side of the world, we wanted to be able to introduce congregations to new songs.

Some of the lessons I learnt from our ministrations were:
- To effectively minister to others, you have to really believe in what you are saying and have passion. Plus, you are ministering to yourself as well!

'Praise him with the sounding of the trumpet...
 the clash of cymbals..' -Psalm 150:1-6
- When working as a team, your chemistry and mindset off stage can often translate into your delivery on stage. So always ensure you all remind as one in sound mind and have each others backs!

[Ministering At Mount Olive] 
- Prayer is an absolute must. You never know the kind of burdens or feelings people in your congregation may have come in with, so pray that God will use to speak directly into their situation as well as your own.

"Don't worry about anything; instead, pray about everything. Tell God what you need, and thank him for all he has done. Then you will experience God's peace."

- Phillipians 4:6-7a

'In all things set for them an example by doing what is good, and in your teaching show integrity, dignity and sound speech'
-Titus 2:7
Ministering at West End SDA Church]
I will sing to the Lord all my life; I will sing praise to my God as long as I live. 
- Psalm 104:33
Sing to him, sing praises to him;    tell of all his wondrous works! -Psalm 105:2

The Gillin Brothers: Ricardo and Warren
All in all, it was evident that we all really enjoyed our experience and learnt a lot as individuals and as a unit. 
For me personally, the experience has given me a deeper understanding of the power of lyrics and encouraged me to get into Gods word even more.

During a recent discussion on songwriting with one of my friends from the trip, we acknowledged that for artists to be able to write songs that were so relatable, heartfelt and scripture based, they really had to immerse themselves in Gods word and include Him in ALL their circumstances, whether they be good or bad. 

Warren Gillin Preaching
It affirms the fact that ministry isn't just about your gifts; its about what you do with them and how your lifestyle and decisions can influence them for the better.

At one of the venues we ministered at, Warren Gillin also shared a really awesome word and touched on some of the lessons he has learnt during his transition into ministry and moving stateside. His word really reminded me of the importance of stepping out in faith and not being defeated or disheartened by the unknown and 'what ifs'. 

We also visited House Of Hope Atlanta, headed by renowned Pastor E.Dewey Smith, and home to some of the biggest musicians in the gospel music industry, including bassist Darrell Freeman. 

Despite its membership of over 15,000 people, we were able to get front row seats, and thoroughly enjoyed both the awesome praise and worship and the sermon. 

We coincidently visited the church on the same day that Alexis Spight, renowned for her success on Sunday Best, (who we had previously hosted an event with in the UK) was ministering. What a random reunion!  



Travelling back and forth from state to state, and with long drives to various tourist attractions, shopping outlets and restaurants, there was never a dull moment on our travels.

The 6 hour convoys in our 3 minivans from Atlanta to Florida had to be my favourite.  
Each car had its own little 'squad' and mine was filled with endless sing alongs, dance routines and of course laughter!  


I think its safe to say I was determined to try pretty much everything when it came to food and this isn't even all the places we visited!
If you ever plan on living there long term I would definitely advise getting a gym membership lol
One thing I did love is that across
The States they have restaurants to accommodate the diversity of cultures that exist across the nation, so I was really spoilt for choice! 

It had been two decades since I last visited the USA, and having come from a completely different climate zone, waking up to piercing blue skies, palm trees, and attractions around every corner, I basically had minimal sleep the entire time I was there as I didn't want to miss out on anything!

In our free time we were able to visit several shopping outlets and at one of them our team bought a total of 17 watches between us from the same store!
The staff there really loved their British visitors that day! lol

I love creating memories and being adventurous so I was super excited when we decided to go-karting! Our first go-karting experience was in Florida where we went on what can be best described as a 'roller-coaster go karting track'. I think some of the team underestimated my competitive nature lol, but nonetheless that experience started some healthy competition and we then went go-karting twice more on different tracks in different states, but each time was equally as fun. 


Our hotel escapades were both fun and hilarious, ranging from lounging by the pool to Sunday nights all gathered in one room to catch the latest episodes of some of our favourite American TV shows, which we could watch live for once!


Being in Atlanta really confirmed what I had heard about 'southern hospitality'. Whether we were in Target or dining at a restaurant, we were always welcomed and made to feel at home which was lovely. 

Atlanta is also a place that really allows you to tap into black history so we thought it only fitting to visit the Martin Luther King Museum while we were there.

We were able to sit through a short film which really took us back in time and we also visited the church Martin Luther King attended, and sat through a performance of his famous 'I Had a Dream' speech.

We were also able to visit the Underground Rail Road and pick up some souvenirs, eat some good food and take a walk around Downtown Atlanta and speak to some of the locals who were really lovely! On some of our free evenings we went to hang out at some of the restaurants (All you can eat =] ) and Arcades (Shoutout to Deshawn Preston for taking us out) which are a lot bigger and more advanced than any I had ever visited in London (my friend called it London on steroids). Playing Laser Tag guys vs. girls was probably the funniest experience- I never thought I'd see the day where so many men would be so willing to try to kill me all at once! Nevertheless we had a blast!

I could write so much more about this journey but this would turn into a book! Next time ill be sure to film and document even more of my experience!

Overall, my experience was such an awesome blessing and something I will definitely always treasure. How a dream I had had a year ago came to pass out of nowhere still amazes me, and I am beyond grateful to God for making every aspect of my journey incredible and for overriding every obstacle that tried to block my blessings! 
If you have a desire in your heart, ALWAYS submit it to God and trust that He will reveal His will at the appointed time and He will always come through with the absolute best!

Never allow worldly limitations, nay sayers, 'what ifs' or anxiety to stop your dreams from becoming your reality. Even if everything and everyone around you is telling you no, or making it seem impossible, but you feel the voice of God is saying yes, obey and trust that whatever He has for you will come to fruition. 
I am learning more and more to always remain and live in consistent faith and pursuit of the best everyday! This experience is a testament that if you seek and truly trust God with all your decisions, He really will do exceedingly and abundantly above all you could ask of Him! (Eph 3:20)

Stay Awesome!
Iz x

Tuesday, 14 June 2016


Hey Guys!

It's been FOREVER! lol

But exam season is over so let me bring you up to speed with everything that's been going on. Im sharing this because I felt led to and even if it encourages just one person I'm happy =]

This season has truly been challenging, mentally and physically draining, and emotionally exhausting.
Yet looking back now, I can definitely say that my character, my priorities and my relationship with God have all been built up stronger than they have ever been before and I am definitely not the same woman I was when I started!

Heres how it all began...

At the beginning of my final year at university, things were off to a great start:
I was on top of my work, I had a good balance with my social life, I was being blessed with new opportunities and I was just in a generally good space. I entered the New Year on a huge high and was ready to enjoy the upcoming season.

DISASTER 1: Fast forward to February, out of nowhere I found myself battling a medical issue which I thought could be solved with a quick visit to the doctors. I was given medication requiring me to take 2 tablets 3x a day which was a lot, but was told this would definitely fix the issue. Low and behold, having completed the entire prescription the medication did absolutely nothing and soon after my blog post on my fitness journey, my condition was starting to worsen and take a toll on my general wellbeing.
I went from being an extremely active and bubbly busy bee, to being someone constantly trying to combat severe fatigue, I was physically drained and in pain and was passing out unexpectedly. Meanwhile, I was still trying to be a 'normal university student' and attend all my lectures, be there for my friends, go to work, and be an active member in all my extracurricular commitments and projects.

DISASTER 2: Towards the end of February, having completed about 2/3 of my final year project, which was due in the next two weeks, disaster number 2 struck. At the time, there had been a sudden splurge of break-ins and accidents in the local area around my church.
On the 22nd February whilst I was chatting with friends after church, a friend pulled me to the side and he explained in the calmest way possible that my car had unfortunately become the next victim of the random break ins. Though it was locked, it had sadly been smashed into. Having been given a few days off from university, I had planned to visit home and do some work whilst I was there, hence most of my personal belongings were locked away inside the car. However, as a result of the break in, the entire contents of my car was stolen including my laptop with ALL of my university work and personal projects, the USB that had backups of all my work, my clothes and my cosmetics etc.
I could let the clothes and cosmetics slide (even though us ladies know that stuff is not cheap!), but it was the fact that my almost 13000 word final year project, all my other assignments, and my personal projects had all gone -for good.
Having had my car repaired and the police investigation sorted, I had explained my situation to my university and was granted an extension on all my remaining work. I also received a newer model of my Macbook for free! (#WontHeDoIt! #InsureYourStuffPeople!). Yet I still had less than a month to complete another 12500 project from scratch, complete all my other remaining assignments and prepare for exam season. So naturally by this point doubt was really starting to kick in and graduation was looking more and more like a fairytale.

Meanwhile my health condition was continuing to worsen, but being an incredibly private woman, I had told no one about it. That was until I blacked out twice in the gym whilst with one of my friends who then had to hold me up and help carry me out. At this point I realised I had to just stop going altogether which my doctors confirmed was best for the sake of my health, but I was so frustrated, especially being the one who had put together my 'Gym Squad'. I was disappointed that I suddenly became unexplainably M.I.A from all our sessions and couldn't tell the girls why.

By this point I was having regular hospital visits and tests with specialists and was constantly tired. I had generally become isolated from most people and was running on minimal energy constantly just praying for strength to complete all my work on time and still be able to graduate.

But that wasn't the end of my problems.

DISASTER 3: At the beginning of April, a large group of friends from
My Injuries were no joke! 
church had planned a day out at Jump Giants Trampoline Park in Essex followed by dinner at TGI (y'all know how I feel about their Double Glaze Jack Daniels Ribs!).
The day had been sooo much fun and I was in such a good mood. I had just dropped off a friend home and was making my own way home when all of a sudden whilst on a flyover I was hit by an over speeding vehicle and consequently flung forward, busted my lip open, had injuries to my neck and back, bleeding down my arm and was in excruciating pain. If only you could see the position of my car on the flyover, please believe me when I say God truly saved my life!
After being helped by the police, discharged from hospital and having my car repaired, I was stuck on bedrest for a minimum of two to three weeks in order to make a full recovery from my injuries.

As a result, day to day tasks became mission impossible. Dealing with two seperate medical issues at once, being in pain 24/7, going to work, trying to somehow re-do all my assignments by a fastly approaching deadline, trying continue all my external projects, life had just become too much.
By this point I was starting to give up on everything. I was grateful that God had spared my life, but I just didn't have the mental or physical strength to carry on and I was honestly frustrated and exhausted. I was trying to figure out what I had done to deserve all these mishaps. I started reflecting on all the hours and all nighters I had invested into all my work that was now gone. I started getting more and more angry that my health was out of my control.  But deep down I didn't want to give up, so I just pressed on and managed to hand in my dissertation by the extended deadline (I ended up receiving a First Class Award for my dissertation! #LookAtGod). However I still had to prepare for my exam and complete my final assignments.

My health continued to worsen and take its toll on me so one night I had planned to go to A&E, but I kept feeling something telling me I didn't need to go  and that I just needed to pray. Though to be honest I was in that 'im not trying to hear that right now' kind of mood, I knew something was reminding me that I already possessed the power of the Holy Spirit so I was going to be fine. So I decided to just pray and I didn't go.
Instead, that same night, I ended up in A&E for a completely different reason, helping a friend of mine who was going through quite a drastic situation. The moment we arrived I knew God had put me in place that night, and equipped me with the words and the support to help her instead of myself, because I was already taken care of. I remember sitting in the waiting room in shock, thinking about how this was supposed to me. I had felt so distraught and drained earlier that night but the moment my friend was in need I completely rejected any thoughts of myself and just told myself by the power of the Holy Spirit I will be ok. But even after that day passed, I was still having moments of major anxiety and doubt, thinking about the uncertainty of graduating.

DISASTER 4: My exam day came and I generally felt ok in the morning and had revised. My health was continuing to deteriorate but I've always had a go-getter attitude, so I figured I could make it through the 3 hours with no problem. However 3/4 of the way through the exam I could feel my body totally shutting down and I had to leave the exam room at one point. I shortly returned and tried to continue, but I could barely keep the pen in my hand and could feel it constantly sliding off the table as I was blacking out. Feeling slightly embarassed to get up again in front of thousands of students, I whispered a prayer with the little energy I had left, and forced myself to finish the exam, though being so drained, I had absolutely no idea what I had written.

I left immediately afterwards and didn't say a single word to anyone. I felt so broken and defeated and angry because I knew everything, but I was so out of it I couldn't even tell what I had been writing. I turned off my phone for the rest of the day and went for a walk and just stayed away from everyone. I was in such a dark place and was so angry because I felt so hopeless.

I returned to my room in the middle of the night and sat in the darkness on the floor and just prayed. And this wasn't any 'cute' prayer. I literally let everything out and told God exactly how I felt.

 I admitted that though I had been praying, my doubt was so strong so the faith in what I was saying had disappeared. As I was talking it hit me in my gut that my lack of faith was my biggest stronghold, more than my health and more than my fear. I remembered this scripture:

The word 'if' really stuck out to me, and at that moment I just immediately decided I was done with doubt. I was done with praying then going back to worrying so much that I stayed up all night every night. I was done with pondering with the idea that I was going to be a failure.

So I just told God I'm literally gluing myself to Him. Even if everything around me continued to get worse, I didn't care anymore. I was going to be ok, in fact more than ok, because I was simply not going to accept nothing less than that.   I asked for a renewed mind, renewed strength and reminders of my purpose in Him and promised myself that I would use all those hours I would spend alone, trapped in my anxiety and fear to spend time in His presence instead. About 5 minutes later, just after midnight I heard a loud knock on my door and jumped. I opened the door to find Security and my best friend asking if I was ok and realised I had left my phone off all day so everyone including my mum had panicked that something had happened to me! (You see what basking in fear can do!)  I called my mum to reassure her I was fine and told her what had happened. She said she had gone to a conference the night before and had the entire congregation of people praying for me when they didn't even know me and she encouraged me to just declare and accept my victory.

My accident, my ongoing health condition and all my lost work meant that even though exams were over, I still had a final assignment to hand in. In normal circumstances, no assignments were supposed to be handed in once exam season was complete, but prayer granted me favour which meant I was given another extension on my final assignment, meaning I would have to hand it in the week I was leaving university! If I did not meet this deadline I was not going to be able to graduate. At this point, I knew God was showing me a ray of hope and reminding me that He was with me every step of the way. And by this point he had two of my closest friends consistently praying with me, checking up on me, and reminding me that I had always been the leader and the one that never quits so this was my chance to do it once more!

DISASTER 5: But, the week before I would have to leave university, I found out that my uncle had tragically passed away, which was an absolutely huge blow to my family. And, on top of that my health got even worse and I was forced to go back to hospital where specialists gave me a new set of medication. Physically by this point I was absolutely beyond tired,  but spiritually, after everything I had already pushed through, I was just ready to force open the door to victory no matter what! In the end I literally had two days to complete and hand in my last assignment whilst moving all my stuff back home over the course of those same few days. It honestly took every bit of strength in me to push through, and the prayer I had to go through to get to the finish line really proved the power of intimacy with God!

But, despite the fact that I still have appointments and an upcoming operation for another seperate issue, I write this testimony with the hugest smile, as the 12th July 2016 will be..

I'm sharing all of this because I really want to encourage someone. I've done my best to try and summarise this season as much as possible but honestly going through it, it genuinely was such an emotional rollercoaster, especially as someone who is so private and likes to just push through on my own. My friends and family will tell you that I have always been considered as 'the strong one' so for me, getting to a place that was this emotionally and mentally draining was a huge test of my strength and my character but most importantly, my faith.
There was no way I could get to the other side without becoming a much stronger person and without truly understanding the power of faith in God.
To this day I do not remember what I wrote in that exam but clearly God was the one holding the pen and he blessed me with even better grades than I expected!

Impossibility is an opinion. NOT a fact.
No matter how crazy impossible or heavy an obstacle may seem
                 Never allow your flesh to believe it is stronger than the power of God. 

Instagram @miss_zacca

When your physical strength fails, do not just sit there and allow yourself to give up because all thats going to do is leave you in an endless spiral of sadness.
Use my experience as testament that if you trust and I mean fully trust, believe and chase after your breakthrough, even if it doesn't seem like it, it will definitely come!

I can trust in the fact that:
'I Don't Know What My Future Holds, But I Know Who Holds My Future'

I look forward to my graduation day, celebrating with my best friends, fellow graduates and family and I'm super excited for all the new adventures that are about to come my way!

If you know, you know lol

Wednesday, 2 March 2016


Hey Guys!

Hope you're all well!

This is going to be quite different to any of my previous posts as its centered around health and fitness!
As I am currently on a new health journey I figured why not take you guys along for the ride?

Disclaimer: (I am not a health and fitness expert, I am simply sharing my personal experience) 
My fitness journey isn't a weight loss journey, its more of a lifestyle change. I have never been extremely out of shape but noticed I felt less energetic and more unfit than I used to and didn't feel my body was at its absolute best so I simply decided to do something about it. I don't personally believe in temporary crash diets because they don't implement permanent change. People can often relapse and end up worse than before as a result of depriving themselves of something for so long. Therefore I am more focused on actual lifestyle change which means changing your diet and workout plan to suit your specific body goals.

MYTH: If you're slim and slender or not clinically overweight, you don't need to work out or change your diet.
REALITY: A person may be extremely skinny due to excessive drug use for example, but because that's not plastered on their forehead its easy for others to just assume they are slim so they are therefore fit.Equally someone may appear to be bigger than another individual but may actually be much more fit and in better shape. Regardless of shape or size Health and fitness is important for everyone (and FYI the older you get the harder it is to loose weight)

One thing many women hate is feeling 'sluggish' doing day to day activities or having to compromise or adjust what they wear simply because they do not feel comfortable in their body.
But in life we always have a choice:
A phrase I made for myself to keep me motivated in most areas of my life is-
'You can either let your situation define you, or you can re-define your situation'
The longer you complain about all the things you dislike about your physique, the longer nothing gets done to fix or improve it. 
You cant demand a husband with a 6 pack of steel when the existence of your own one is far from real! Theres no point complaining about having a huge belly when you haven't even had any kids yet, if you are not going to do something about it. 

I am a huge believer in constant self improvement in every area of my life, so when my fitness became one of those areas, I decided it was time to put in the work to make it better!
Making a lifestyle change isn't always an easy decision, but it's 1000% a very rewarding one.

Not only does it make you a better, healthy and happier person, but it also teaches you essential life skills such as self discipline, self control and perseverance.

Here are my Top 5 Tips for Successful Lifestyle Change....


Do you not realise that your body is the temple of the Holy Spirit, who lives in you and was given to you by God? You do not belong to yourself,for God bought you with a high price. So you must honour God with your body.
- 1 Corinthians 6:19-20

(NOTE: It is important to identify the areas of your body where you naturally gain and loose weight. This may be as a result of genetic disposition, diet or simply because you target your workouts to certain areas more than others)

Making a lifestyle change is impossible if you don't know what you actually want to change. In order for your journey to be effective, write down exactly what the problem areas of your body are that you would like to change or improve

e.g. Do you want to gain or loose weight? Is one specific area your biggest issue? Do you just want to tone up?

Here are some examples below:


'So whether you eat or drink or whatever you do, do it all for the glory of God.'
-1 Corinthians 10:31

Any health and fitness expert or website will tell you that in order to make long term effective change to your body Diet accounts for 80% of that journey. There is no point working out 4 days a week if in between those workouts you are still scoffing your face with McDonalds and KFC.

Depending on your personal body goal, you need to ensure your diet is in conjunction with that plan.
You can google diet plans for your specific body goal and find out what foods you need to have more of and what foods you should have less frequently or on cheat days.

Regardless of the journey you're on, most diets will inform you that protein, fruit and vegetables are essential for a healthy lifestyle.
For someone like me who doesn't really like sweets, chocolate or crisps, this actually works in my favour because I actually really love my fruits,smoothies, protein shakes, veg, oats, granola bars, salmon etc, I always have. But, if you're not into eating broccoli on the regular, then experiment with ways you can incorporate these foods into your diet. 

Certain recipes, seasonings and food combinations can make something you thought was too 'green' or had no flavour taste amazing! 
Health expert suggest having 3 meals a day with 2 smaller meals or snacks in between =
Food is one those areas where your options are actually limitless! There's always a new recipe or formula that you can try! You just have to find what works for you. It can also be fun to incorporate culture into your diet- find out what foods within your culture or another culture are not only good to your taste buds, but also good for you!

MEAL PREP: Personally, meal prep has become a huge and fundamental factor in helping me stay on target. As a university student, finding time to cook 3 meals a day can be difficult with hours and hours of lectures and library sessions, holding down a job and extra curricular or social activities, so planning in advance helps to combat that.  Each weekend, I make a rough idea of some of the meals I would like to have for that week, and will make sure I have bought all of the necessary ingredients, therefore I can make some of the meals in advance ready for the week. Realistically, due to my schedule I can't prepare every single meal in advance but having certain things pre-made such as little fruit bowls or healthy snacks to take with me during the day, pre-cooked stew, pasta sauce, chicken or fish that can be preserved for a few days etc, makes day to day meal planning so much easier!
videos on how to meal prep here and here

videos on breakfast ideas here
and here

PORTION CONTROL: This has also been a game changer for me. As a 'foodie' who loves to cook, my friends will tell you that I have a habit of cleaning my plate- so much so that you would think there was never even food in it (as in every grain of rice must be gone lol). While this may be a good habit to have, coupled with oversized portions, this can quickly become a problem. Though I've never been overweight, my portions sizes were a bit over the top sometimes but since I always wanted to ensure my plate was clean I admittedly would sometimes finish it off even if I was already full.
Doing research into healthy eating is how I stumbled across the concept of portion control. Multiple sources stated that it is better for your health and metabolism to have 5 reasonably sized meals (3 main meals and 2- snacks/lighter meals in between) than 3 huge meals a day. So essentially, that is what I now do. I make sure I always have breakfast now and if I don't want to have one huge meal for example, I may split a meal in half so I have it in two smaller portions during the day. It really has helped and prevents me having that 'slumped' feeling after every meal while still ensuring that I'm still satisfied and don't get hungry.


'Dear friend, I hope all is well with you and that you are as healthy in body as you are strong in spirit.' 
-3 John 1:2

Ok so you decide you want to go to the gym so you get dressed and go. But you get there and realise you have no idea what to do or how to start. So you go on the treadmill for two minutes, do a few stretches then go home- That is not a thorough workout that is really going to implement any real longterm change.

Once you know the target areas you want to work on, do your research into exactly how to combat them. This will help you structure your workouts. 

If you don't feel comfortable going to a public gym or want to be able to work out from home, check out Fitness Blender on Youtube here -they have great step by step workouts for every area of your body! I know so many people who have seen results from using their workouts so why not give it a shot!

Make sure you:
- Allocate specific days to focus on specific areas of the body e.g. Wednesday = Abs Day
- Give yourself rest days to allow your muscles to recuperate
- Keep hydrated during your workouts
- Your diet co-ordinates with your workouts

Check out this video from one of my favourite Youtubers as she shares her Fitness and Diet routine! 

If you lack motivation on your own or would like to do partner exercises or routines, try and find a personal trainer or like minded people with similar body goals and start going together. I mentioned my body goals to a few friends of mine and found out they had similar goals to myself. Therefore I decided to set up a group which now consists of 4 of us- (Shoutout Roxanne, Shekinah and Eunice x) meaning everyone has an accountability partner to ensure we not only get up and go to the gym, but we motivate and encourage each other during our workouts as well as share videos, meals and workout ideas with one another. So far, I am loving it and I'm really glad that I decided to turn this it into a group. It hasn't been easy by any means! and the pain can sometimes be veryyy real (if only you could see the struggle to sit down and get up at work yesterday as a result of leg day pain lol) but we know it is worth it and it is rewarding to see progress!


And so, dear brothers and sisters, I plead with you to give your bodies to God because of all he has done for you. Let them be a living and holy sacrifice--the kind he will find acceptable. This is truly the way to worship him.
-Romans 12:1

Whether it be photos, videos, diary entries, calorie counting, monitoring your diet or simply weighing yourself every fortnight, tracking your progress will help you identify the areas where you have improved, and the areas where you need more work.

I can do all things through him who strengthens me.
-Philippians 4:13

The two hardest parts about lifestyle change are: 
2.Being Consistent

Many woman know they need to make a change but are either too lazy, too disheartened by their current state, or too afraid to start. But this goes back to my saying
'You can either let your situation define you, or you can re-define your situation'

Why prolong something that is nothing but good for you?

The first day you may be super pumped up to go to the gym or try your new meal plan but it is super easy to get side tracked. Keep the end goal in mind even if it means putting a goal picture on your phone or wall, having a friend or trainer check up on you, watching motivational fitness or diet videos, or literally writing down of all the benefits of your decision. This is where tracking your progress can also help as seeing how far you have come will encourage you to keep going.

I hope you enjoyed and were encouraged by my tips! As I said, I am no expert,  but I simply wanted to share some of the things that I am learning as a work in progress myself to encourage others! Feel free to contact me if you would like any further information ! x

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